Audiobook: Review of Guarding Morgan by RJ Scott

ac969-guardingmorganReview of Guarding Morgan. 5 stars by Shee Reader

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Guarding Morgan is the first book in the Sanctuary Series by R J Scott. I absolutely loved audio version of this book. Sean Crisden’s voice is perfect for the narration, bringing perfect angst and atmosphere to the reading.

The book drops the reading directly into the drama of Morgan, and innocent witness to a murder, fleeing for his life after his FBI safe house has been compromised (meaning there was a shoot out and more killing). Morgan follows the flight plan drilled into him by his FBI close protection officer, to run to his former partner who retired from the FBI after a life changing injury.

I cared for Morgan from the outset. His situation of being a normal guy caught in the wrong place at the right time is chillingly realistic. Nick, the growly giant of a former FBI agent who now works for Sanctuary – protecting people no other agency can keep safe – is planning some R&R after a tough case when he gets an anguished call from his former partner to rescue his client.

The tale is gripping, funny, romantic, hot and sweet. With a happy ever after for Morgan and Nick that leads beautifully into the next book in the series.

Do yourself a favour and fall into the exciting world of witness protection and hot men. What more could you need?


I was given a complimentary copy of the audio book in return for an honest review.